On to South Haven, Michigan City, and the Cal-Sag Canal

The seas finally settled down enough to allow us to leave for South Haven on Sept. 8th where we were to meet with friends from Battle Creek, Tom May, wife Gabby, Charlie and Julia, the children, and Randi, the matriarch. We were sponsor-parents to Tom when he was at the Naval Academy in Annapolis and became good friends with his parents as well. We had a wonderful visit with them. The kids loved climbing all over the boat with the engine room being the highlight.


The entrance to South Haven harbor had a remarkable lighthouse with what looked like a v-bladed snow plow. We think it is designed that way to fend off wintertime ice flows. Included are a couple of photos of the local American Legion hall which sits astride the entrance to the canal. It has to be one of the grandest Legion halls in the States.

We ended up staying three days in South Haven again having to wait for calm seas. And finally, for the first time on Lake Michigan the water was smooth as glass all the way to Michigan City. We stayed one night there and moved on to a working marina eight miles down the Cal-Sag Canal. The marina was quite basic, in an industrial area but we had the use of a courtesy car which enabled us to re-provision at Pete’s Fresh Market. This market had, by far, the best, most extensive produce section we have ever encountered along with the cheapest prices on most everything we generally purchase. From this marina our next destination was the free wall in Joliet which is the only place a boater may stop along the way, about 50 miles much of the upper part of which is quite industrial with many tows and barges. At one point we had to pull off into a side canal to let a long tow and barge pass by there being no clearance at all.

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