And Four Days in Frankfort

Finally, after six days laid up in Charlevoix, a town fine enough to do so, lake conditions were good to travel comfortably. We travelled 75 miles to Frankfort, a long day on a 9 MPH trawler. We had planned on stopping in Manistee which is about half-way but needed to move on down the coast. But then, after arriving in Frankfort the weather got us again. The winds kicked up the waves on the lake to conditions (five-to-eight- foot waves) which would make travelling extremely uncomfortable. This forced us to stay here in Frankfort for four nights but tomorrow (8/30) the winds are forecast to change direction and the waves will be benign for at least the next four days. A sailboat that had been anchored in the cove nearby came in to the docks for one night because their anchored had dragged during the night. Their anemometer atop their 60-foot mast recorded a top wind speed of 60 knots during the night. We leave in the morning for Ludington after filling our fuel tanks. Ludington is a 55-mile trip.

The pictures are from Charlevoix. It just happened that the Michigan Model T Association was having a rendezvous while we there. Frankfort is nice but no noteworthy pictures to be taken although there is a great brewpub nearby at which we had dinner last night. Tonight it is docktails at 5:00pm and then pizza aboard our boat with another Looper couple.

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