Three More Days in Charlevoix

We had planned to leave today (8/23) for Leland, MI. We have been here for three days already waiting for the wind-driven waves to subside. The waves on the Michigan side of Lake Michigan can be very strong when there is a west wind. And, the waves will almost always be on the beam (directly from the side) which will roll the boat from side-to-side which makes for a VERY uncomfortable ride. Overnight two nights ago the waves were reported to be five-to-seven feet. Likely there were some that exceeded seven feet. The forecast for today was for waves two-to-four feet with winds of 10-20 knots. Since our boat is heavy and has stabilizers we thought we would give it a go. So, at 9:00am we prepared to leave having detached the shore power cable and the water supply hose. Then we ran into a fellow Looper who had just returned to port having had left at 7:00am this morning. When they had cleared the point and turned south, the waves were just too much and they elected to bail out. That changed our mind immediately. We won’t be leaving for three more days the forecast being the same for the next three days. If there is one rule about cruising is that one should not have a schedule to keep. Keeping to a schedule makes for bad decisions. Gloria did some house-cleaning and the Captain continued on a floor-sanding project that was started yesterday.

So, we took advantage of what the small town of Charlevoix has to offer. We shopped at the farmer’s market that was set up this morning along the main street alongside the marina. We bought some fresh lettuce, yellow squash which, by the way, is unavailable in Canada for some reason, and some local tomatoes.

Later on we went to the movies (Mamma Mia II). The theater, in this small town, had three movies playing and was as nice as any big theater venue in a big town mall. The matinee was just $5 plus they had beer for sale – at the theater. Imagine that. Charlevoix is a small town that hearkens back to the small-town America many folks, perhaps most folks outside of these towns, think has long-since gone away. Well, we discovered long ago on this trip that small towns with real downtowns and small, seeming successful shops, are alive and doing well. This is certainly true in Canada and we suspect is true in many towns in Michigan and Wisconsin and other states.

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