Back to the Good Old U. S. of A.

From the splendor of the anchorage in Coverage Portage Cove it was three days to get to Drummond Island, Michigan where we checked with the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). The CBP has a new app that we used to check in. A boater just logs into the website – after having registered beforehand – and a series of screens pop up which ultimately lead to three questions that must be answered one of which asked whether we had any vegetables on board. We did and I answered “yes”. Then a pop-up says that a CBP agent is evaluating our entry. In our case the CBP approved our entry without requiring a boarding of our boat. We did all this while still on the water. In some cases the CBP will initiate a video-conference. It was all very slick.

The three-day cruise was rather boring, all open water passages, very different from the Georgian Bay and the eastern portion of the North Channel of Lake Huron. After nine weeks in Canada it was the only time when the experience was uninteresting. In fact, those three days were the only uninteresting cruising we experienced since we left Maryland on May 8th. We did encounter a 1,000- foot ship anchored and waiting to continue on to Sault St. Marie. It was the first large ship we saw since the St. Lawrence Seaway near Montreal. Now, how could we possibly know the length of the ship and its destination? It’s called AIS (Automatic Identification System). The ship popped up on our chart plotter. Clicking on the icon reveals the ship’s information.

We stayed one night at the Drummond Island Yacht Haven, a nice marina, but nothing there beyond the marina. From there we cruised to Mackinaw City in the shadow of the Mackinac Bridge which bridges to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s five miles long spanning the Mackinac Straits.

On the way to Mackinaw City the route travelled passes by Mackinac Island, a resort isle that has no motor vehicles, just horses and bicycles. Pictured are examples of the high-speed ferries that run between the island and Mackinaw City where we stayed the night before moving on to Charlevoix, MI.

And today, here we sit in Charlevoix for the third day. A storm kicked up the waves on the lake such there could not be safe passage until the waves settled down. Since we had some time, we took the opportunity to make a pizza for supper one night. We make a pizza about once a week. We started the trip with sixty pounds of flour on board. Tomorrow the lake forecast is good enough to travel so we will be leaving for Leland. Then it will be on to Frankfort, Manistee, and three days in Ludington so that we can visit friend in Battle Creek.

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