On to Killarney

After Henry’s Fish Camp, we stayed one night in an anchorage, then on to a marina in Parry Sound, home to Bobby Orr and the Bobby Orr Museum. We left Parry Sound after one night headed for an anchorage in the Bustard Islands. It was a nice enough anchorage but we could not get our anchor to set, the suspicion being that the bottom was a shallow coverage of clay over solid rock. When we weighed anchor the chain was packed with clay and the anchor itself had a big wad of clay mud on it. Anyway, we moved on to an anchorage behind Burnt Island along Collins Inlet which leads to Killarney. The anchor set quickly and firmly and we spent a quiet night with two other loopers (Sea Bee and Coastal Star). After dark we were able to see the planet Venus low in the western sky. The silence at night was almost deafening.

The next day we traveled

beyond the town of Killarney and anchored in another very quiet cove called Covered Portage Cove. We stay two nights. The second day we dinghied back to Killarney, about two miles, for dinner and ice cream. On the way back we stopped at a local marina and visited with the loopers aboard Coastal Star (Ketchikan, Alaska) who we have met in many places along the way all the way back to Kingston. The few pictures posted are some of the sights we encountered on this leg. Notice the trees in some of the pictures. The tops are all bent one way, the same way. The prevailing winds here must be relentless, especially in the winter. Also, notice the two pictures of the rocks nearby our boat. They look close but not nearly as close as some in very narrow passages between channel markers. Sometimes, the rocks are no more fifteen each side of the boat. One must pay close attention to following the channel markers on the Small Craft Route.

From Killarney it will be four more boating days to reach Drummond Island, Michigan where we must clear customs. By then we will have been cruising beautiful Canada for nine weeks but it will be nice to be back in the States.

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