Peterborough to Rosedale Lock

After Peterborough, the next three nights (26th, 27th, and 28th) were again spent at locks (Douro, Buckhorn, Rosedale) tied a wall. Douro was remote and peaceful as was Rosedale. Locks that are in remote locations, and there are many along the way, are peaceful and park-like with picnic tables and fire pits. Almost all locks have clean rest rooms and many have very nice showers. All manner of boaters stay at the remote locks, from bigger cruisers such as ours to folks in 24-footers who pitch tents on the grounds and cook on portable gas grills. Fun can be had in many ways.

On the way to the Buckhorn Lock, the boater passes through Clear Lake. At the upper end of Clear Lake the channel becomes very narrow as it twists its way through miles of very small islands many of which have single small cottages built on them. One island even had a good-sized church that we guess is attended by local folks arriving on small boats. The boater must absolutely pay attention to the channel. There are many turns, some ninety degrees and the penalty for going out of the channel is smashing into granite rocks. The ride through this section of the lake was terrific.

Buckhorn was interesting only because of the dam that is next to it. Take at look at the pictures. Dam operators can rotate the huge gate to let water out. That day water was being released because rains in the watershed had caused water levels to be too high. We were held back at the Douro Lock because the dam and lock operators needed to initiate a controlled release of water through five dams upstream. The Douro Lock operator explained the process. All five dams needed to be opened at the same time in order for the water move smoothly downriver. Also, two hydro-electric plants were affected. One had to be brought on-line while the other shut down. All this had to be coordinated by telephone. By the way, electricity in Canada is not called electricity, it is called hydro.

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