Peterborough Lift Lock

On July 24th, it was on to Peterborough. One of the highlights of every Looper’s trip is the experience of the Peterborough Lift lock. Now this lock is an amazing feat of engineering. The lift chamber is raised by means of gravity. As one goes up, the others goes down. The energy is provided by water weight. When at the top, about one foot of water is added to the chamber. This creates a weight different which causes the upper lock to drop as the lower lock raises because it weighs less. A look at the pictures explains it all better than can be put into words. Several of the pictures posted were taken by a fellow Looper who e-mailed them to us. We had to stay in Peterborough for two nights because of a rainy forecast. It turned out that it didn’t rain much but it gave us a chance to get some laundry done and the captain rode his bike two miles to the local Costco to restock the larder.


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