Laid Up in Manotick on the Rideau River

Today is Sunday, July 8th. On July 3rd we left Ottawa on one engine for the 18-mile trip to Hurst Marina in Manotick where we had arranged for repairs. We were somewhat concerned that the movement through the water would windmill the stopped propeller which, if it did, could have caused the propeller to slide rearward against the rudder. It did not. Our normal engine cruise speed on two engines is 1,650 RPM which gives us about 8.5 MPH. For this run on one engine we cruised at 1,250 RPM. It was indeed a surprise to find that this yielded 5 MPH. Since more than half of the miles on this leg had a 6 MPH speed limit, this malady was of little consequence. Docking in our berth at Hurst marina turned out to be quite smooth with just the one engine. The Captain picked just the right line to swing the boat using the rudder and bow thruster such that we slid into the berth about as smoothly as one could hope.

Unfortunately, because of the Fourth of July holiday in the States parts could not be ordered until Thursday, July 5th to arrive on the following Monday. That means that we are stuck here probably until Tuesday.

In the meantime we took the opportunity to take care of accumulated boat chores. The Captain got out the pressure washer and cleaned the entire boat. The First Mate took care of inside cleaning and laundry. There is a clear division of labor on this vessel. The Captain, however, got the dirtiest of boat jobs, cleaning the bilges.

The Rideau River along this stretch is idyllic, twenty-three miles between locks of smooth, deep water which, the temperature at this time, is 80 degrees. One night we took the opportunity to drop the dinghy in the water and drive back up river a few miles to have dinner at Kelly’s Landing. The Captain had fish tacos and Gloria had salmon baked on a cedar plank. Both meals were quite good. Along the way we encountered a waterside home with a float plane parked at their dock. This was about the sixth float plane we have seen along the way.

Tonight is pizza night – homemade fresh dough, crushed tomatoes with some fresh basil, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, and basil leaves from our basil plants.


2 thoughts on “Laid Up in Manotick on the Rideau River”

  1. Sorry to hear about your boat being laid up for repair – remember “it’s pleasure boating!” as Joe would say. Hope it won’t be long until you will be on your way again. Enjoy all your adventures in your Blog. Your are having the trip of a life time and we are so happy for you. Take care. Dockmates.


  2. Hey Swabbies… Hope your Repairs didn’t cost too many “Maritime Maintenance Units” ($000’s)… Sounds like you are making the best of your unplanned break from travel… HEY… There are worse places to be “Laid-Up”!!!


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