Montreal is an international city in every respect. Bicycles everywhere ridden by folks of all ages. I rode two miles, all on a bike path, to a bicycle shop to get a tire valve and removal tool to replace the valve in our water system expansion tank. We visited the local cathedral. Now, Gloria and I enjoyed many churches and cathedrals in Italy a few years back but this cathedral, while grand as cathedrals generally are, was unique to us. The floor was inclined down to the main altar from the back so that all sitting church-goers have an a view of the altar unobstructed by those in front.

We walked all over the city enjoying the many shops and cafes including a trip to the Little Italy section where we had dinner at a place that was recommended by a local couple we met on the Ferris wheel. The meal we had was outstanding. Gloria had a halibut dish and I had ravioli stuffed with a puree of fresh peas,

cheese, and lemon zest served with hot lamb sausage.

We visited the Museum of Fine Arts and the Botanical Gardens which is next door to the Olympic Park. We learned the subway system which is the best I have experienced, fast, frequent, and relatively quiet as the cars ride on rubber wheels.

The day after we arrived two rather large yachts tied up nearby. See the pictures. Both were about 160 feet long.

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