Valcour Island (Upper Lake Champlain)

Today is Sunday. We left Burlington on Friday and elected to anchor in what we thought was a quiet cove of Valcour Island. Valcour Island is the place where Benedict Arnold’s fleet was defeated by the British. Although it was a tactical defeat, the battle stopped the British from advancing to the mid-Hudson area.

The cove – well, it was quiet when we arrived. We were early. As the afternoon wore on many boats arrived for the weekend. Small boats, small sailboats, larger sailboats, and a couple of trawlers we have seen before. The smaller boats tied up ashore with some rafting up for a weekend of partying. Some noise but they were just folks having a good time and enjoying the fine weather.

We are staying here one more night before moving north to Rouse’s Point, NY to stay at Gaine’s Marine where we will provision, take on fuel and water, do some laundry. The next day we will enter Canada, check in with the Canadian customs folks, then continue to St. Jean, Quebec.

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