Lake Champlain & Burlington, VT

On May 30th we left for Fort Edward Yacht Basin where we stayed for one night on the free town dock. Not much there but the basin is very quiet and protected. Then it was on to Whitehall, NY to stay on their free wall (with electricity) for two nights. Whitehall is a pleasant town and is home to the raised wreck of the USS Ticonderoga. It also has an historical marker noting that Whitehall was the birthplace of the first US Navy fleet (Benedict Arnold’s Valcour Fleet) but the date is at odds with the official birth date of the Navy. Whitehall is another quiet town but we stayed here to time weather windows. Rain and wind are boaters’ enemies.

We left Whitehall on June 2nd for the two-day run to get to Burlington, VT even though the winds were brisk the reason for which was that the following day was forecast to be warm and sunny with just a light breeze whereas the following day was to be a miserable day to be on Lake Champlain. Not wanting to be on the more open waters of the lake – the lake widens as one travels north – we elected to go only about 20 miles and stayed at the Chipman Point Marina. That lengthened the next day’s run to 55 miles to Burlington but that was fine because it turned out to be a glorious day to be on the water.

The Chipman Point Marina is rather smallish but quiet interesting. The main, four-story stone building dates back to 1820. It is of post and beam construction with very heavy timbers and steep, narrow stairways to the upper floors where the laundry, showers, and bathrooms are located. Honesty prevails here. The laundry is not free but the washer and dryer is not coin-operated. Users simply put the fee into a bucket on the counter.

We pulled into the Burlington Boathouse Marina on June 3rd. Burlington just has to be one of the finest small cities in the US. It is a college town (Univ. of Vermont, Champlain College). It is loaded with good restaurants, cafes, and bars. The first night we had dinner at a local upscale pizza restaurant purported to have great Neapolitan-style pizza (thin crust). The pizza was quite good but nowhere near as good as the Wooster Street (New Haven, CT) pizza venues (Sally’s, Modern, Pepe’s) or Patsy’s (our favorite) in East Harlem, NY.

So, we arrived in Burlington after a great run up the Lake. The scenery and the solitude all the way from Fort Edward were grand. We have seen a few other loopers

but know that there is a much larger flotilla a few days behind us. Right now we are docked next to another boat with which we were dock neighbors at Staten Island. We will be staying in Burlington to at least Friday waiting for a better weather window to begin travelling through the Rideau Canal to the St. Lawrence River.

2 thoughts on “Lake Champlain & Burlington, VT”

  1. AHOY!!! Looks like a “Fantastic Voyage”… Once this is under your belt, you’ll be ready for the Panama Canal!!!


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