Atlantic City to Staten Island

We left Atlantic City via the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) rather than the open ocean. The ICW is not generally recommended for a boat with a draft of 4.5 feet such as ours due to many reported shallow areas in the channels. Still, we elected to use the waterway but left on a rising tide to take advantage of higher water during transit. We went only about 20 miles on May 15th and stayed at the beach Haven Yacht Club  for two nights. Then it was on to Manasquan, about 40 miles, where we anchored in Point Pleasant. We didn’t touch bottom at all in the ICW. Luck? Perhaps.

The next day, May 17th, we transited the Point Pleasant Canal to the Manasquan River and out to sea again for the 40-mile run up the rest of the Jersey coast, around Sandy Hook, and on the the Great Kills Yacht Club on Staten Island. This ocean voyage was comparatively benign with waves not exceeding two feet and coming mostly from the stern, a following sea. It was uneventful except for the rain.

Coming into the docks here was an adventure. It was dead low tide and the fairway to our slip was no more than 75 feet wide. The dock master wanted us stern in. I should have insisted on a bow in approach as several attempts at backing in were wildly unsuccessful. The bow of our boat kept hanging up in the mud making it extremely difficult to maneuver the boat into the slip. We abandoned the stern in approach. We went out into higher water and came in bow-in with nary a problem. I got the boat’s bow into the narrow slip at a 45 degree angle and then used port and starboard throttle, forward and reverse to get the boat lined up into the slip. It went in quite easily. In the future, I will insist on a bow-in approach in any marina we use.

The Great Kills Yacht Club is a nice place to stop. There are several very nice restaurants nearby along with a terrific Italian market that sells freshly-baked bread and store-made sausage. I took the bicycle there to get some bread for Saturday night dinner. On the way I took a small spill and broke the front brake handle. Now what. I continued up the block to the Italian store and, as luck would have it, I came across a local bike shop. On the way back from the market I stopped in and the staff was able to service my bike on the spot. Installed were two new brake levers and new brake pads. Bike is like new again.

We will be staying here until Wednesday, May 23rd so we can visit with our son Jack and wife Sara who, are flying in from Dan Diego for a visit to her parents who live in Manhattan. We’ll get to spend some time with them before moving on up the Hudson River on our way to Lake Champlain and points north. Jack is in the Navy (Chief Petty Officer) so we don’t get to see him much.

No pictures this time. The weather has been lousy for three days and won’t be clearing up until Tuesday.

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